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Here are some questions I received (and replied to) by e-mail, which I share for the other students. Feel free to add additional ones below this post.

Which kind of packets shall we count in our script?
You can restrict yourself to IP packets.

Can we use deprecated OIDs?
Yes, but it is better to use current OIDs, provided they are available on this old router.
Tools such as the Cisco SNMP Object Navigator often indicates the new OID names to use, for OIDs which have been deprecated.

Which OIDs should we use?
This is your job to find the most relevant OIDs to answer the given questions. It is an integral part of network management through SNMP.
There may be different combinations of OIDs giving the right answers. Even if some may be better than others, obtaining the answers is what matters the most.
In case of doubt, comment in your report!

There is a bug with some counters which can see small decreases.
Apparently, a bug affects the router, and some counters sometime decrease by a little amount when queried twice in a row (we only observed 1-unit variations up to now). This makes detecting counter wrapping harder.
Try to mitigate that bug as well as you can (i.e. try to discriminate between counter wrapping and occurrences of this bug, and act accordingly).